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For many growing businesses, outsourcing payroll and Human Capital related services can eliminate an enormous burden including repetitive tasks such as: paying employees, tracking time and PTO, hiring and on-boarding. Outsourcing your Human Capital Management can also eliminate the risk of penalties and fines for tax filing errors, delinquent payments, compliance, etc.

In a world where accessibility and convenience are expectations, 2019 is the perfect time to engage and empower your employees with a web-based employee portal and mobile application to give them access to their personal pay information anytime, from anywhere. Employees want the ability to view/print pay-stubs, view PTO balances and request changes to their personal information. Empowering your employees with these tools will relieve you of time-consuming processes that are typically involved in keeping up with the never-ending employee maintenance.

Ask yourself these simple questions to determine what areas of your Human Capital Management process can be streamlined by our Apex Online Solution.


Are you writing checks by hand each week to your employees?

Are you manually calculating taxes and deductions?

Paying your own taxes to respective tax agencies?

Human Resources

Do you have trouble tracking your employee’s raise dates, salary history, certifications and expirations?

Are you constantly updating employee information such as direct deposits, addresses and withholding exemptions?

Are you throwing away money by printing employee pay-stubs?


Are you printing new hire paperwork to be completed by hand?

Do you have accurate, complete, and consistent files for each employee?

Are you collecting employee acknowledgements for notices and documents by hand?

Do you have to remind your managers and supervisors to complete processing new hire paperwork in a timely manner?

Timekeeping and Scheduling

Do you find yourself manually tracking and calculating employees time?

Are you handwriting schedules each week?

Do your employees request time off on post-its or other easily misplaced notes?


When it comes to payroll and other Human Capital Management Services it is imperative to understand your provider's compliance standards. If your provider cannot elaborate on industry compliance or certifications, you may want to consider a change. Remember, even if you have outsourced your payroll, human capital management and tax services, the business owner is still responsible in the event the provider has failed to perform reporting and filing services.

A la Carte Menu of Services

Smaller businesses that are beginning to outsource services will without a doubt see the value in a provider that provides a la Carte services. This model is not only cost effective, but scalable and adaptable as your business grows with the ability to add only the services you need.

Our payroll team will help you evaluate your business’ needs and make service recommendations that make sense with your budget and goals.

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